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Whose Round

A co-production approach invited 16-25 year olds to think about safer socialising, safer socialising, safer drinking and safer transport home.

The Challenge
NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde needed a blended programme of online and offline activities focused around safer socialising, safer drinking and safer transport home. Whose Round was a project which Snook and Young Scot collaborated on. It was developed by and with young people in the Greater Glasgow and Clyde area who were able to influence the name, design and content produced in the programme.

As part of the blended programme of online and offline activities we developed a number of alcohol awareness interventions. The interventions I was involved in included; organising freshers week activities, running alcohol aware pub quizzes, a festive campaign raising money for Cash for Kids, and developing a Dear Alcohol toolkit.

The Dear Alcohol toolkit allowed young people across Glasgow to take part in workshops where they did a series of engaging activities to reflect on their own relationship to alcohol. Young people were encouraged to think about their own experiences of alcohol; positive or negative. They then wrote their letter to alcohol, allowing them to reflect on their attitudes towards alcohol at a key point in their lives.

We ran many Dear Alcohol workshops across Glasgow, as well as distributing the toolkit which allowed others to carry out their own workshops in youth clubs, schools and colleges.

My role in the project involved running feel good GIF workshops with over 200 people, these workshops produced over 250 images and GIFs we fed into the viral social media campaign we created. Not only that, I created a GIF guide and we received over 140 GIF submissions. We even created a guide so people could run their own GIF workshops; and they did! I also assisted with the web platform; collating a page where young people could access trusted mental health resources. I created a series of listicle articles tailored to the audience that disseminated mental wellbeing advice. These were designed so that they could be read on platforms that young people were already using; we brought the content to them.

The Team
Project Lead: Andy Young
Project Management: Robin Bini Schnieder
Project Management: Keira Anderson
Communications: Ivelina Georgeiva
Design and facilitation: Charlotte Fountaine

The Impact
Social media platforms across Facebook, Instagram and Twitter formed with an audience of young people in Glasgow. We collected over 300 ‘Dear Alcohol’ letters from young people across Glasgow documenting their voice, understanding and experiences of alcohol. Engagement with over 1000 young people across Glasgow during workshops, focus groups, freshers stalls and events, street engagements.