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Toyota AYGO

A playful stunt to engage the public in the new Toyota AYGO.

The Challenge
YCN, Saatchi London and Toyota invited me to create a stunt to promote the new Toyota AYGO. In response to the ‘Go Fun Yourself’ motto I designed and executed a playful prank that members of the public could enjoy and interact with. Hundreds of cups half full of jelly were placed all over the AYGO, some of which had toys submerged inside. People threw balls in the cups, and which ever cup their ball landed in was theirs for the taking.

The Team
Art Direction: Charlotte Fountaine
Producer: Dorcas Brown
Photographer: Cliff Andrade

The Impact
60 people came to interact with the jelly cup car even through the rain in London. The images were used on the Toyota AYGO to advertise the car which sold in over 30 countries across the world.