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Light lighting a light.

Extension chords.

Chairs sat on chairs.

Staplers stapling themselves.

Photcopier selfies.

By End of Play

An exhibition in an office, inspired by office labour.

The Challenge
I was one of 10 artists who contributed to the Glasgow Open House exhibition, By End of Play. All the works I created ask the question; what will happen when we leave the office? I created a series of still lifes, from a future where human labour is automated and the office, now redundant, begins to eat itself. At the exhibition I displayed; the still lifes in a digital photo frame, a triptych of photocopier selfies and some office objects that had eaten themselves.

The Team
Curator: Nikki Kane
Artists: Roos Dijkhuizen, Charlotte Fountaine, Alistair Grant, Nikki Kane, Aaron McCarthy, Bobby Sayers, Leonie Sinden, Claire Weale, Alex Williamson, Phill Wilson-Perkin

The Impact
Over one weekend we had over 100 visitors to the exhibition. Thanks to the Glasgow Open House team.