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Body At Work

A book looking at contemporary labour in relation to the body.

The Challenge
As part of Nikki Kane’s exhibition Body at Work, 5 artists and thinkers were commissioned to respond to the theme of contemporary labour in relation to the body. Each responded differently; with poetry, images, interviews and academic writing. The exhibition included a study circle - which is when a small group of workers self-organise and meet regularly to learn. I created the layout for the book taking inspiration from the content and the idea of a study circle.

The Team
Curator and Editor: Nikki Kane
Writers: Adam Scarborough, Nicola Singh, Tom Holland, Peter Mills and Clementine Sandison.
Layout: Charlotte Fountaine

The Impact
The books were presented in Glasgow and Stockholm at the Body at Work performances and at a study circle on contemporary labour, as part of the CuratorLab project from Konsfack, Sweden.