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Aye Mind

Improving the mental health and wellbeing of young people by making better use of technology.

The Challenge
NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde knew it was vital to better utilise technology in order to support young people’s mental wellbeing. Aye Mind is partnership between Greater Glasgow and Clyde NHS, Snook, the Mental Health Foundation and Young Scot and it is funded by the European CHEST fund. Together we both saw an opportunity; with technology becoming an integrated part of young people’s lives, we felt we could bring support to the platforms that they were already using. Snook took a codesign approach to the challenge and created a manifesto on online mental health resources with young people. We then set about putting the manifesto into action.

My role in the project involved running feel good GIF workshops with over 200 people, these workshops produced over 250 images and GIFs we fed into the viral social media campaign we created. Not only that, I created a GIF guide and we received over 140 GIF submissions. We even created a guide so people could run their own GIF workshops; and they did! I also assisted with the web platform; collating a page where young people could access trusted mental health resources. I created a series of listicle articles tailored to the audience that disseminated mental wellbeing advice. These were designed so that they could be read on platforms that young people were already using; we brought the content to them.

Read more about the whole project here.

The Team
Project Lead: Anne Dhir
UX: Marie Cheung
Toolkit: Ivelina Georgieva
GIF campaign: Charlotte Fountaine

The Impact
The project won the Wunderkammer GIF competition for the GIFs that were made during the co-design workshops. The young people we connected with gave us positive feedback in person and on social media; during the Aye Mind launch in June #AyeMind was trending on Twitter. Aye Mind received a commendation from the People Make Glasgow’s Inspiring City Awards in 2016 as well as a nomination from The Herald Scottish Digital Business Awards 2016.